Meet The Brand - Joma Jewellery and Feeling Sentimental

This week I was organising my jewellery box and started reflecting on the lovely memories and occasions associated with certain pieces of my jewellery. It got me thinking - do you have special or favourite pieces of jewellery that conjures up certain feelings for you too? I would love to hear!

One brand that seemed to predominantly rule in my collection was Joma Jewellery. This brand for many years has been a constant favourite of mine and holds so many lovely memories for lots of reasons. When I opened the shop in June 2011, at the age of 23, Joma Jewellery was one of the first jewellery suppliers that we stocked. I immediately fell in love with the simple, elegant and beautiful designs that their agent Steve showed me. I could have kept all of the designs to myself - but had to remember I would certainly never make any money if I did that!! It was 9 years this summer since I first opened the shop and my love for Joma has not changed. Joma quickly became a huge hit in the shop and still remains one of Zia's best sellers. Their ranges have grown and grown over the years, and what started off as a small square lookbook the length and width of my hand, has increased to an A4 thick catalogue full of loveliness! 

Photo Credit: Joma Jewellery

I believe there are many reasons for Joma Jewellery's popularity, including the quality, beautiful designs and gorgeous packaging. However, I think the key to Joma's success lies in the thoughtful sentiments linked to each piece of jewellery. Their 'a little' range is set on a high quality square piece of card with a written sentiment linked to the charm on the bracelet. Over the years I have gifted many of these beautiful pieces to family and friends, who have loved and worn them just as much as I have mine. I remember the first year I stocked Joma, I treated myself and my 3 best friends to a different bracelet each from Joma's 'a little' range for Christmas. I carefully considered the message behind each piece so that they were personal to each person, yet they linked us all together and soon became our friendship bracelets to remind us of each other. Especially, as one of our friends had recently moved away. My Christmas gift shopping that year was definitely easy peasy and a huge success!!

Photo Credit: Joma Jewellery

That year my sister expressed how disappointed she was that she didn't get one too! A few months later she actually had a job interview that she was desperate to get and was feeling quite nervous about. I had a light bulb moment and remembered the Joma Jewellery 'a little luck' bracelet and treated her to one which she wore to the interview. She got the job and I remember being so happy for her. I know it was most probably the fact that she is super talented and has many qualifications that secured her the job, but I like to think the Joma bracelet added a bit of extra luck and gave her a bit of moral support too! It's safe to say that bracelet didn't leave her wrist for quite some time and since then has been joined with many others, that all have reminded me of my sister over the years. Including, the flamingo design, paw print and many more, each with their own story to tell. Thinking back, i'm not quite sure why I didn't give her a Joma bracelet that Christmas as a gift, as it seems so obvious now. It might be down to the fact that she has more jewellery than a Tiffany store, so I wasn't sure if she had room for any more! How wrong was I(?!), as all I ever see her wear now are her Joma Jewellery pieces, which she says she wears daily because they are just so easy to slip on and you don't have to fiddle with clasps!

Since then I have gifted Joma to many other family and friends and they have all gone down a storm. One occasion that sticks in my mind clearly, was when I gave my best friend the 'new baby' bracelet after she had just given birth to her first baby. She actually got really tearful and said how thoughtful it was that I had thought of her, as she had gratefully had so much for the baby, but said it was nice for someone to think of her too! She thought it was a lovely token to mark the arrival of her gorgeous new baby and so easy to wear. That really stayed with me and was a great reminder to not forget to give the mum just as much love, care and attention as the gorgeous new bundle!

Photo Credit: Joma Jewellery

Due to my love of Joma Jewellery it was a no brainer that I wanted to wear one of their bracelets on my wedding day 3 years ago. It seemed like the perfect choice for me, as their designs are so elegant and subtle. My dress had a lot of sparkle and beads along the top, so I wanted something that wouldn't be too fussy and Joma was the perfect match for that. The 3 little stars featured on the charm of the bracelet also represented 3 family members close to me. I also gave my gorgeous step daughter a child's Joma bracelet and necklace to wear too, so that we were matching. She loved the beautiful packaging the jewellery came in and still treasures them to this day, as do I mine.

Photo by Martin Phillips Studio

I'm definitely an advocate for buying things that last, especially in a world where it's so important to reduce waste and be mindful of fast fashion. I think Joma Jewellery has proved that the designs grow with you, as it's been 9 years since my first Joma purchase and I still love the designs now as much as I did then. My step daughter was only 6 when I first bought her her first piece and now at 12 still loves wearing them. Along with the ever popular 'a little' range for adults and children, we also stock their other collections, where new designs are released every spring/summer and autumn/winter. These ranges are full of beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and yet more bracelets which are all inspired by a different theme. 

One other thing that Joma do so well is their attention to detail with presentation. Each piece comes with a branded matching box (white for adults and pink for kids), which are great to present as a gift and also to store your pieces away in safely. We have many requests to send Joma straight to a customer's family member or friend and can leave a hand written message on the gift tag if required. Drop us a message at check out or send us a message to let us know. We keep the bottom of the box flat when sending which can be popped out on arrival, making them the perfect letterbox size. In the current climate that we are in with Covid 19, I think it's been more important than ever this year to keep in touch with loved ones and let them know that you're thinking of them. Joma does just that and their extensive range of sentiments means that there is always one perfect for the message you are looking to send.


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